Sunday, September 8, 2019

Financial Investing Leads Database by Financial Business Network

#1 source in Spain for supplying databases of Investing leads coming from top-performing financial websites worldwide specializing in Forex, Binary Options, Crypto Currency, Casinos, and many more verticals and Geo's to choose from.

Test: 500 - Forex, Binary, Crypto, Casino Leads = 50€
Financial investor databases, over +400 databases available, +35 million contacts, years are 2017-2019 and all top GEO's are available worldwide including Spain for the locals.

Have most of the biggest brands in Forex, Binary, Crypto, Casinos Industries available.

All leads are generated from some of the biggest financial websites out today.

Leads that were generated were by Funnels, Signals, Robot traders, SMS, Cloaking, Brokers listing, Email marketing and more, all data has been cleaned and filtered.

Many leads with information on FTDs- with the amounts deposited, First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Numbers, Post Codes, Addresses, Time Stamps and even Voice Recordings and even some more good stuff.

Works great for any big-time broker brand, startup broker, Academy, Email Marketing companies and anyone looking to just increase there website traffic and audiences with very serious traders that are experienced and this can be very useful for many other industries as well not only financial companies.

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Financial Business Network

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